>3/50 Project Could Keep More Doors Open

>The end of 2010 will also mark the end for two Griffin businesses, The Next Chapter Bookstore in downtown and Bunjee’s Comics on Hwy 16.

The City of Griffin, the Chamber of Commerce and Mainstreet Griffin have all at one time promoted the 3/50 Project, but many people have still not heard of it. The 3/50 Project began with one woman, Cinda Baxter, in March 2009 who wrote a blog about supporting small, local businesses and provided free flyers and promotional items for the 3/50 movement. Since then, every major newspaper in the nation has covered the 3/50 Project and Baxter has appeared on Fox & Friends, CBS and other television shows.

With many of Griffin’s beloved indie stores putting up the “Going Out of Business Sale” sign, citizens need to rally for their favorite stores. The 3/50 Project asks each person to pick 3 local, brick-and-mortar shops that they’d hate to see go out of business. Then asks them to spend at least $50 per month between the three of them.

For every $100 spent with a local business, $68 returns to the community through payroll, taxes and such. $43 returns when $100 is spent with a national chain. And no dollars are contributed to the community when you shop online, however convenient it may be. (To see more about the national 3/50 Project, or to download free promotional tools for small businesses, visit http://www.the350project.net/)

Shop locally this holiday season, and every other season after that. Our local economy needs it.


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