East Griffin Baptist adds to its already long list of ministries

Mary Davis packages pantry items for those in need.

East Griffin Baptist Church (EGBC) is not the type of church that opens up to preach on Sunday and is closed for the rest of the week.  Dropping by the church on a Thursday morning, visitors will witness a bustle of activity; parishioners and needy individuals coming to find what they need at the weekly “Compassionate Services.”

The compassionate services of EGBC include a food pantry, lunch service, men and women’s clothing closets, drug education, and most importantly, counseling services.  “We don’t just give them a bag of groceries and send them home,” said Charles Killingsworth, pastor of EGBC.

Seven years ago, when Pastor Killingsworth began preaching at EGBC, he says the church was in dire need of a revival.  With the help of many volunteers, Killingsworth began what he calls a ministry of love, and soon parishioner and Sunday School attendance tripled.

“We call it the comeback church,” said Killingsworth with a large smile.  “This church is over 100 years old.  We’re a poor church, but we still gave out $13,000 of assistance one year to help people with utilities, rent and food.  It’s amazing what took place here.”

Immediately following the worship service on April 17, EGBC will dedicate their latest additions to their ministry of love, the Faith and Grace houses, which will be used for the Women on Missions’ transitional housing ministry for women and children.

The Faith House will be for women only, and will allow them to stay for up to two years while they learn, save money and develop budgeting and life skills to ensure their success when they leave.  The Grace House will be for women with children.

EGBC has partnered with the Christian Women’s Job Corp in Griffin, who will provide each woman a mentor to teach life, job and computer skills to help these women get their lives back on track.

Volunteers are still needed, says Jan Stowell, president of Women on Missions, as well as items such as twin size beds and bedding, window screens, gutters, and monthly sponsorships to provide food and training.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Cathy Mutter or Jan Stowell at 770-227-7847.

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