June Jam “Art of Recycling” Winners Announced

The City of Griffin central services department partnered with the Griffin police, fire and electric departments to bring this year’s June Jammers a Children’s Activity Area, held during the June Jam Marketplace on Saturday, June 11 from noon to 4 p.m.

The activity area was a new addition to June Jam, as was having a separate marketplace with crafts and vendors before the main concert in the Park at Sixth later that evening.

During the marketplace hours, the central services department announced the winners of its three “Art of Recycling” winners.

The cart decoration contest, sponsored by the City of Griffin Solid Waste Division, was broken down into middle and high school categories.  Competitors were asked to decorate a recycling bin with any recycled or reused materials.  Winning first place for middle school was Ellie Chase.  In the high school competition, Jessica Howell and LiAnne Harris took home first place; Brianna Rawlings placed second; and Emilee Poole and Emma Chasteen won third place.

First through third place winners in high school division, from left to right. Middle school first place winner on far right.

For the Pratt Industries Junk Art Contest, middle and high schoolers were challenged to create a work of art using only recycled and reused materials.  Carrianna Simmons won first place for middle school while Ruth Isabel Guerra won first place in the high school division.

First place winner for middle school on left with "Recycle Queen," made mostly from old cereal boxes and magazine clippings; "Recycling Tree" made from tinfoil, bottle caps and newspaper as the first place high school winner on right.

The recycling essay contest was sponsored by Perkins Shibaura Engines, and the first place winner was Georganna Alexander, second place was Carrianna Simmons and Jasmeondria Wellmaker won third place.  Here are snippets from their essays:

“Recycling can be so beneficial to the environment, but it also can be extremely beneficial to us.  Most people don’t know this, but the plastic bottles that we drink water and soda out of are made of oil.  That oil is the same oil that we use to make gasoline for our cars.  If we were to recycle all of the plastic bottles that we use, think of how much oil we could save,” Georganna Alexander, eighth grade, Rehoboth Middle School.

“By keeping landfills under control, helping to preserve natural resources by making products from recycled materials, and even helping to accomplish dreams, recycling can keep a community working,”  Carianna Simmons, sixth grade.

“I really hope this has inspired you and your friends to get involved in recycling.  By printing this essay on recycled paper, I may have just saved the home of a bird or squirrel from being cut down for paper. Just remember to reach for the recycling bin instead of the garbage bin,” Jasmeondria Wellmaker, seventh grade, Cowan Road Middle School.

Amparita Aponte, with the Central Services Division and organizer of the June Jam Children’s Activities Area, says she would like to thank all the sponsors for a successful Children’s Activity Area.


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