Installment Two of Finding Mr. Bird’s Identity

Hello there! I’m so happy you returned because there is much I’d like to tell you. This past week I spent some time trying to piece together an identity for our friend, Mr. Bird, who doesn’t actually like being called Mr. Bird and is eager to get a new name. Have you guys thought of one yet? We can’t wait to see the names you send us so he can pick one!

As I said, I spent the week getting to know our new friend and he is a most amazing creature. He is very polite and kind and tells the best jokes. Just the other day he said to me, “Sammy, do you know why birds fly south in the winter?”

“Why?” I replied.

Then he flapped his wings in excitement as he answered, “Because it’s too far to walk!”

We’ve been having a great time. Among MB’s talents is the ability to start in one place and turn up in another just by thinking of the place he wants to go. Can you believe that? What a special bird he is! MB and I have come up with a fun way to use his special traveling ability. If I hold onto MB as he thinks of the location where he wants to be, then I can join him. And, since I can’t fly and MB doesn’t like cars, we’re going to use this method of travel in the search for who he is.

Each week we’ll think of a new location and MB will take us there. We will go to different places and learn about all his favorite fresh local produce (perhaps I can even sneak in some time to learn about local farming) in the hopes that it will spark his memory.

Last week MB told me how much he loves watermelon so we decided to make Lizzie Marie’s Watermelon Cooler. He’s decided it’s his absolute favorite thing. He hopes we can bring some with us on every trip. I told him we should get a bird bath and fill it with Watermelon Cooler. He was very pleased with that idea! MB was also very surprised to find out that watermelons grow on vines in a patch and not on a bush or a tree. He remembered that where he comes from he’s considered very odd because he eats only fruits and vegetables and for most bluebirds berries only make up about 10-15% of their diet.

“That’s great!” I shouted.

“Well, I don’t think it’s great that they think I’m odd.” I laughed softly at this and scratched MB’s head.

“No, silly, I think it’s great that you just remembered something.” He flapped his wings happily. “I did, didn’t I?” “Oh and you aren’t odd, you’re just different MB.

Think of it this way, you’re the healthiest of all the bluebirds.” MB very much liked the sound of that. So next week we will start our search and hopefully the more MB learns the more he’ll remember. We’ll still be waiting for your name ideas so send them in! Join us next time as we try to further unravel the mystery of MB’s identity.


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