Former candidate for sheriff endorses Beam

As Maj. Wendell Beam and Capt. Keith Duncan, both currently serving the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, prepare to head off in an Oct. 18 run-off to determine who will fill the unexpired term of the late Sheriff Dee Stewart, former candidate Tony Head has chosen to endorse Beam’s candidacy.

“I’ve known both of them for a number of years. I actually talked to Wendell about 10 years ago when I was working for the Marshal Service,” Head said. “We talked about our ideas for the route the Sheriff’s Office should take. I liked his ideas; I liked what Wendell had to say. We have a lot of the same ideas, like deputies being more active in the community with more civic club involvement.”

At that time, Head told Beam if he ever ran for the office of sheriff, he would endorse him, as well as make a campaign contribution. However, in the interim, Head retired from his career with the United States Marshal Service, and upon Stewart’s untimely death, he opted to run for the position, himself.

Unofficial results of the Sept. 20 primary showed Head garnered 720 votes, or 9.21 percent, of the ballots cast.

He now says he hopes those who supported his candidacy will vote for Beam in the Oct. 18 run-off.

“I’ve known Keith (Duncan) for a number of years, too, and I like Keith, but I think Wendell is the best choice for sheriff. If not me, then him,” Head said. “I appreciate the people who came out and voted for me. To them and the people who didn’t come out in September, they need to come out next month and vote – hopefully for Wendell.”

In addition to casting ballots Oct. 18 at local voting precincts, Spalding County Election Supervisor Terry Colling said early voting will take place from Oct. 10-14 at the county complex located in the Memorial Drive Plaza.

“You didn’t have to vote in the Sept. 20 election,” she said. “As long as you were registered to vote by Aug. 22, you can vote in this run-off. We expect to have ballots no later than Friday (Oct. 7), but we can go ahead and take applications for ballots now. As soon as they’re ready, we’ll mail them out.”

Colling said absentee ballots may also be mailed in “if someone just wants to vote in their Lazy Boy.”

Joel Jinks, who on Sept. 20 received 731 votes (9.35 percent), did not return calls seeking comment on the upcoming run-off.

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