Lazy Sunday Book Review: Ellen Baker’s Keeping the House

Keeping the House, by Ellen Baker .

Looking for a book to curl up with? A little mystery, a little romance, wrapped
up in a page-turner of a family saga? Then you’ll become absorbed in this
story of newly-wed Dolly Magnuson, who moves with her new husband to a
little Wisconsin town in 1950. The book moves back and forth through time,
revealing the story of the once-prominent Mickelson family, as we also get to
know Dolly.

As Dolly strives to be the perfect wife and homemaker–1950’s style. She finds
making a marriage work a lot harder than indicated on the pages of Good
Housekeeping magazine. Lonely and wanting to find a place for herself, she joins
the Ladies Aid quilting circle. And she finds herself drawn to the empty house
of the Mickelson family and begins making covert visits to the house. As she puts
together the story of the family, some long-buried secrets come to light. The
people involved are authentic and engaging.
You’ll find yourself wanting to know more about both the past and how Dolly
makes her way through it all.

Fannie Flagg describes this book as “a great big juicy family saga, a romantic
page-turner with genuine characters with a perfect sense of history, time, and
place.” I couldn’t have said it better. –Review by Susan Formby at A Novel Experience


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