Board of Education dismisses sexual harassment complaint

In a personnel hearing conducted Tuesday, April 17, the Griffin-Spalding County Board of Education dismissed the sexual harassment complaint of Kennedy Road Middle School (KRMS) employee, Shonte Ivey, against Superintendent Dr. Curtis Jones.

The grievance was denied in a 3-1 vote with Michael Kendall , District 1, dissenting.

The board heard evidence from several witnesses, as well as Dr. Jones, Ivey and Jerry Lumley, a Macon attorney hired to conduct an investigation of the matter.

In her complaint, Ivey noted that while visiting KRMS, Dr. Jones made the comment that “he would give $20 for every female employee he saw in a bikini,” and specifically cited GSCS sexual harassment policy.

Several witnesses’ statements said that the context of Dr. Jones’ comment was in response to being asked to donate money for a fundraiser.

Jones told the board that he did not think the comment was appropriate and given the chance, would take the comment back.

Both Lumley and Dr. Jones’s lawyer, David Wolfe, told the board that they did not believe that the comment reached the level of sexual harassment.

“Given the totality of the circumstances and given Ms. Ivey’s statements, it just doesn’t rise to that level [of sexual harassment],” said Lumley.

During the proceedings it was suggested that the grievance was of a retaliatory nature, as Dr. Jones had filed a letter of reprimand with KRMS principle Brenda James-Ford regarding an investigation that resulted in eight KRMS teachers alleging they were told to change students’ grades to a C if the student was failing and they could not make contact with the parent after three attempts.

*This issue of The Grip went to press just hours after the board met, not allowing us to gather all the facts regarding grade changing investigation.  The Grip will follow up as soon as possible. Check back regularly for up-to-date information. Ω



  1. Ms. Lets Be Real says:

    Hypocrite….Obviously she must be suffering from memory loss. Lets rewind back to December 2006. Did she forget about the her offensive act of giving a staff memember a candy penis as a christmas gag gift while on school premises? This offensive act was well known by multiple teacher,staff and administrators. The staff member who recieved the gift didnt find the gag gift funny at the time. Ivey was not reprimanded for bringing a pornographic item on campus.So do this sound like someone who would be offended with the remarks made by the superintendent? So whats the real motive behind the grievance against the superintendent? I didnt hear about this act mention above I saw the candied male anotomy later that day after other staff members were laughing and joking about the incident.

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