Sheriff’s Office executes search warrants following extensive illegal gambling investigation

From staff reports

The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office conducted a six-week compliance inspection of businesses located in the city and county that engage in video game machine enterprises. During this operation, five businesses were allegedly found to be in violation of Georgia commercial gambling laws by paying cash money for credits earned on the game machines.

The extensive investigation resulted in the execution of five search warrants on June 13, at the following businesses:

–        Expressway Food Mart, located at 2903 N. Expressway. Arrested was a clerk, 52-year-old Natalie Duncan, of 1185 School Road.

–        Super Speedway, located at 678 N. Expressway. Arrested was the owner, 47-year-old Eljaan Abdulkader, of 173 Parkside Drive, Stockbridge.

–        10th and Taylor BP Station, located at 401 W. Taylor St. Arrested was a clerk, 49-year-old Lisa Green, of 217 W. Quilly St.

–        Q and Q Brothers BP Station, located at 436 N. Expressway. Arrested was the owner, 29-year-old Quddos Quabeer, of 51 Town Place, Fayetteville.

–        Sunoco Food Mart, located at 2295 N. Expressway. Arrest of a clerk is located at this business.

Authorities say each of the individuals arrested faces a charge of commercial gambling violation.

In addition, the Super Foods, located at 2529 Old Atlanta Road, remains under investigation at this time. Officials say prior to the search, investigators learned the business had removed all video gaming machines. However, investigators allege a clerk at that store had previously violated the commercial gambling statute, and may face future arrest.

According to Sheriff Wendell Beam, it is not illegal under state law for business to operate these types of gaming machines, but it is illegal to pay out winnings in the form of cash, tobacco products, alcohol, lottery tickets or lottery numbers.

Beam said compliance inspections will continue for all business operating gaming machines, and future investigations involving illegal gambling will be conducted.


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