Three schools in Griffin-Spalding County achieve Reward School status

Three Griffin-Spalding schools were named Reward Schools, the category reserved for schools across the state with the highest performance or the biggest academic gains by students in the last three years. The schools are Anne Street Elementary, Jordan Hill Elementary and Spalding High School.

“We are proud of your schools!”Superintendent Dr. Curtis Jones said to the principals and their staffs through email when he received the news yesterday from the Georgia Department of Education.

The three schools are in the Reward School High Progress category. Only 10 percent of Title I schools can be named to this group. These schools had the highest progress in performance for the “All Students” group (n size ≥ 30) over three years. Another criterion was that the school not be identified as a Priority School, Focus School, or Alert School.

Out of 11 schools named High Progress in the Griffin RESA District, Spalding had three. The others were Henry County (1); Lamar County (1), Thomaston-Upson  (1)  and Newton County (5). The other category in Reward Schools, highest performing, had only Fayette County with three schools named.

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