Spalding County Ferst Foundation provides free books to children under 5

As of October 1, Spalding County has a Ferst Foundation chapter that will work to provide free books to children under the age of five.

“We started the Spalding County Chapter of the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy because we concerned with the number of children entering Pre-K and kindergarten in Spalding County with poor literacy skills,” said Louisa Melton, one of the founders of the Spalding County chapter. “Research has shown that children who come from literacy-poor homes, those without rich conversation and reading, begin school five years behind children who have been talked with and read to from birth. These are the children who become struggling readers and lack academic success.”

The Spalding County Ferst Foundation is the 70th county chapter in Georgia. Other counties have shown tremendous growth in the literacy preparedness for children entering kindergarten when they have been enrolled in the program for just three years. The cost to sponsor a child to receive 12 books per year, which are mailed directly to their home, is just $28.

Donation and registration forms are being placed around town. Information is also available on the Spalding County Ferst Foundation Facebook page and will soon be available on  Donations may also be made online at Click donate now and select Spalding County from the drop down menu.

To request for a registration brochure or donation brochure may also be mailed to the Spalding County Ferst Foundation P.O. Box 2092 Griffin, GA 30224. Ω

Ferst Foundation is a non-profit, 501 ( C ) (3) organization, so all contributions are tax deductible. For more information on the Ferst Foundation, visit

The Mission of the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy is to provide books for children in Georgia from birth to age 5 to help them become prepared for learning success.


Children must hear language and learn what words mean to develop vocabulary and background knowledge.

The larger the child’s vocabulary and background knowledge, the more prepared he or she is to learn.

If a child is read to for 30 minutes a day from birth until age five, he or she will receive 900 hours of literacy preparation.

Take that away and the child has five years of literacy skills to catch up on before he or she can begin learning to read.

No matter how good teachers are, it is almost impossible for a child who begins school unprepared for learning to equal the academic success of a child who enters school prepared.


To be read to there must be books in the home.

Approximately 61% of low-income families do not have reading material suitable for a child in their home.

For $28 per year, a child can receive: 

.  One book each month from birth to age 5.

.  A monthly community newsletter

.  A Parent’s Guide which gives them tips for reading with their child

.  A suggested age-appropriate book list – many of which are available in our Flint River Regional Library.

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