Local film series gives new spin to zombie apocalypse craze

When Griffinite photographer Elizabeth Stacy participated in the 100 Hour Film Race as a camera operator, she made some film industry connections. Approximately one month later she assembled a cast and crew, some of which she had just worked with on the film race, to produce and develop her first independent film “Parallax”. Last October, Stacy debuted the first episode of the Zombie Socks Series with the ultimate desire to make people laugh and take the television shows people already know and toss in a few formerly living characters. As a parent, Stacy felt like our media hungry society has been handed so much low grade humor it was time for something a little more intelligent, fairly family friendly, and simply fun.
Below is an interview with Stacy that explains a little bit more about the series.

What is the Zombie Socks Series?
Zombie Socks Series (ZSS) is a smart, funny web series you can find on YouTube. If you search for ZOMBIESOCKSSERIES, all one word, it should take you to our very own channel.
How did you come up with the idea of Zombie Socks Series and why are their socks important?
I had been asked by several friends when I was going to make a zombie film. I had no desire to do that, honestly. The market today is saturated with everything zombie, so I went home and gave it some serious thought and decided that if I was going to go “zombie” it was going to be something completely different. That’s when I had the idea for [the fictional] Undead Rental Corporation (URC) zombie staffing.
The premise being that the zombie apocalypse is over, life is returning to normal, and corporate America has figured how to capitalize on the undead still wandering around. They utilize the Undead Rental Corporation to catch them, clean them up, and rent them to people for various reasons.
Each episode focuses on a different division of URC in some way.
Each episode is shorter than what you would refer to as a “short” film and I decided that each episode should be paired with something like a music video, interviews, or behind the scenes clips. So if you expect more than one, a pair if you will, we would refer to them as socks. That and, well, its just silly. So the goal is to psychologically prepare you to laugh! It really has no impact on their footwear!
Our tag line is, “Take all you think you know about zombie ‘shorts’ and put some ‘socks’ on em’.”
What was the filming process like?
Our process is very simple but extremely well organized. I began with an outline and detailed concepts and began working with a fantastic writer, Michael Boylan. By the time I arrived at Dragon Con this past September I was ready to start pitching the show. I invested my time in the A-Z production class held in the independent film track and made a lot of amazing connections.
Our crew is very much a family unit, and we work a lot like Saturday Night Live, with recurring characters and folks coming back in multiple roles. We all pull double duty around here. Everyone works together to get sets prepped, to get meals served, and to promote and raise funds. We love and respect each other and if we ever encounter obstacles, we seem to just be able to work around it and make it happen. I can honestly say I love each and every person that has been involved in creating this dream of mine.
How has the series been received?
The reaction was mixed but it created a buzz. In early September I assembled a great team including my right hand Amanda Cape, that were interested in taking this insane journey with me. A few weeks later we took our ideas to a local Atlanta event called Get Connected where we met our post sound group, our cinematographer, and several of or cast and crew. We slated our first shoot dates for early October 2012 and began utilizing all the Facebook groups to post casting calls.
The response was less than impressive I felt at first, but the people we had come read were the exact people we needed. I can honestly say that from day one our project has been blessed. Everything from planning to casting to our shoots have come off without a hitch. People were donating funds, time, locations, and abilities to make this happen. All our shoots for the time being are located in Griffin, which is important to me because I grew up here. My entire cast and crew have been 100 percent volunteer and people have come from all over Georgia to participate, even John Wayne came from St. Louis, Missouri just to work on the special effects makeup!
We noticed that the first two episodes are modeled after well-known television shows “The Office” and “Crocodile Hunter.” What’s in store for the future episodes and when can we expect them to come out?
We have another episode in the pipeline at the moment called Piranha Bowl, which is a spoof of a combo of shows. It’s obviously modeled after Shark Tank, with a touch of Honey Boo Boo and a nod to Jersey Shore. It is currently in post production now.
After just meeting with my makeup and set folks, we have our big production meeting next week to read through scripts and assign everyone their respective duties for our shoot dates in February. Episode four will be “Disgusting Careers,” our version of “Dirty Jobs,” staring comedian Ryan Singer from L.A.
I had him personally hooked on the concept back in September and he could not wait to jump in once he saw the material!
We had the biggest issue raising the funds to get him to Atlanta to film until he decided to take The Organic Tour on the road with Jarrod Harris and are ending up in Atlanta at the Variety Playhouse on February 2. He just happens to be in town long enough for us to spend a day and a half filming with him! And, we just got word that actor Eric Roberts wants to be in a future episode.
The next big project is more fun than anything. I have written and planned a second music video to be shot hopefully by March. I just sent a hand full of folks to Atlanta this week to work with Jacobs Eye Entertainment in their Creep-FM show. It sounds like they had a blast and Steve Harvey decided to drop by the set!
Before we finished casting our third episode we chose a full SAG actor as one of our leads. This posed a bit of a problem since they can only work in a union production. Thanks to the Sag-Aftra merger I was fortunate enough to make the entire series a full SAG New Media Production. What this means for the rest of my cast is that if anyone works on one of my shoots three times they automatically become SAG eligible, or SAGe as its most commonly referred to.
As my people are volunteer and we have no budget to pay them this was a gift I could give them. A lot of groups believe that its a difficult process and I have to say that with guidance from Lawrence Van and the folks in the local Atlanta SAG office it was a breeze. Every series that applies does not get SAG accreditation, again we were a very fortunate group to have this happen and so quickly especially with this being my first major production.
Where do you see ZSS in the future?
The future of the Zombie Socks Series is a bright one. We have already begun to have our individual shows screened in Atlanta, and next all our pieces will be screened on Sat. Jan. 26 at Chattacon in Tennessee. Episode one is entered in The Savannah Film Festival, episode two is entered in the Atlanta Horror Film Festivals comedy division, and our music video Undead Together is entered in the Atlanta Film Festival! We will have quite a presence at the first annual Georgia Entertainment Gala held at the World Congress Center on Jan 13. It’s exciting to be able to participate in my first red carpet event!


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