City officials considering downtown amphitheater

By Sheila A. Marshall

Managing Editor

City of Griffin officials are considering an outdoor amphitheater, potentially for the downtown area or in City Park.

The issue was discussed at a recent board of commissioners meeting, when commissioner Dick Morrow said he had evaluated a location within City Park that he felt should be considered for the project.

He said he had done no calculations on projected costs for an amphitheater, but would probably soon be doing so.

City manager Kenny Smith said he, too, had considered the same location for the project – the site of the old swimming pool.

Commissioner Cynthia Reid-Ward said she has also had heard interest expressed in such a project.

“Main Street (Program) has also pushed around some ideas,” she said.

Commissioner Cora Flowers was noncommittal to the idea, saying only, “I just want to see some numbers. That’s it.”

Also a supporter of the amphitheater concept, Commissioner Joanne Todd referenced prior discussions which would have seen it constructed in the downtown area.

Smith acknowledged that the project had been discussed for downtown Griffin, but said the addition of the Park at 6th had sidetracked that possibility.

“There possibly could be (another suitable downtown location), but I don’t know right off the top of my head where that would be,” he later stated. “We really haven’t done any other studies.”

He said he supports the idea, because he believes an amphitheater would be an asset to the city.

“I would certainly want to weigh the options and location. We need a lot of things downtown,” he said. “We could certainly put an amphitheater there, but there are a lot of things to consider. Do you just want a grassy knoll or do you want an amphitheater? Do you want businesses? Do you want shopping? Do you want residential housing? We have a nice set up at the Park at 6th, but it’s pretty small. How elaborate do you want it to be? All that’s open for discussion.”

While Morrow views City Park as an ideal location for the project, Todd remains dedicated to bringing it to the downtown area.

“Maybe we could have two,” Todd said.


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