Rumblefish lead singer a Griffin native


There’s more than just a song in her heart for Heather Statham.

The Griffin native and lead singer of the June Jam headlining band “RumbleFish,” has both a history with and strong ties to the city and local community.

“I’m still me; I’m still the same girl that was a Griffin High cheerleader 20 years ago. I am a native of Griffin and my family is there. I grew up on stage at the Imperial Theatre and my first dance recital was at the Griffin Auditorium,” Statham said in a recent phone interview.

“To get to Griffin is an opportunity for me to get back home. Friends and family who are there who haven’t had an opportunity to see me on stage since the Imperial was still standing. I’m very excited about it; it’s a homecoming in a little bit of a different capacity. This is primary the music side of my performing arts career.”

“RumbleFish” is a band providing an audience wide a variety of musical samples, including R&B, Blues and Rock, according to the band’s Web page,

In addition to Statham’s performance background, which ranges from experiences with Studio D School of Dance, the Footlight Players and the Imperial Theatre and the Griffin Auditorium, the other band members bring a rich background of musical talents such as jazz studies and classes from the Atlanta Institute of Music.

“At this point it’s all covers but some of the music you will not have heard before because it’s from lesser known blues artists or not as well known, sort of like old soul music that is not done often. Some of it is very familiar and you will know exactly what it is but it’s a good mix and a good feel of music,” Statham said. Ω

The Grip asked Heather Statham, lead signer of Rumblefish, a few questions:

Why “RumbleFish?”
Statham: I don’t know, honestly. Our bass player Mike Stevens is the one who orchestrated the bands. It was an S. E. Hinton novel. He kind of just suggested it as a band name.

What has been your most embarrassing or awkward moment on stage?
Statham:  I don’t know about embarrassing. I don’t embarrass too easily. The most awkward sort of moment is when there’s an awkward pause and when we’re playing like this past week where we played a gig where it wasn’t a very busy venue. It was a bar that had a lot of music but they were never really busy. So we’ll play our heart out on a song but then there will be silence then from the back of the bar you will hear a clap that will pass around a bit slowly then stops. You really want people to realize at that point that you’re a little bit more than background. We once had someone who had too much to drink one time who wanted to come up and play the piano in the middle of a set.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?
Statham: Honestly, I love Bette Midler and I think she is one of the most amazing people in the world from a performance standpoint and also as a humanitarian. I think it would be pretty cool to step in her shoes for a week.

Is being a musician a full-time job? What else do you do when not performing for an audience?
Statham: I have four jobs. I am a vocal coach, a dance teacher, I work for a tutoring company and I am a sorority house mom at Georgia Tech. They all know that I am a member of Rumblefish. They are a huge supporter and fan of the music with what we do and what I do. My dance teachers have come to see me. All of the sorority members know I am in a band and have come to several gigs. The tutoring company is in support of what I do.

What can people expect from RumbleFish at June Jam 2013?
Statham:  We have an amazing group of musicians that come together for the love of the music. We like one another and we connect very well and you will see that on stage. It’s two fold, an opportunity for us to get in front of people that is a home crowd and as well as let people hear what we are doing and also to generate new fans and friends that can’t be in Atlanta, and also to come home and bring some music to Griffin. We’re super, super excited. We hope that you will be so tired by the time that you get finished from all the dancing that you do and that you will partake of all that downtown Griffin has to offer.

Is there anything you miss about Griffin when not performing “at home?”
Statham: I miss the sidewalks and walking down the street and being able to walk over to church from when we lived on Hill Street. We used to walk to the Ben Franklin’s which is not there anymore. In spring and summer our family would walk over to the Imperial Theatre. I really miss the Imperial Theatre.




  1. Anne Hendricks says:

    Heather rocks (go class of 1990!). Can’t wait to see her in concert!!!!!! She’s AWESOME! Go check out her FB page – and she’s one soulful voice! I am so tickled she’s having a concert here! WE ARE SO GOING!

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