Coca-Cola photography exhibit at Old Coke Building


The Old Coke Building at East Taylor and 4th Street is hosting a retrospective photography exhibit about the omnipresent place of Coca Cola, the brand and the product, in all our lives since the late 1800s until today. The exhibit is set to open June 1 to coincide with Griffin’s June Jam Celebration. 

The exhibit will feature snapshots of everyday life – families on vacation, kids at a picnic, teens at a party, adults at the beach, workmen on the job, restaurants full of people – all with one thing in common – Coca Cola. Either the familiar logo or a bottle appears just as casually as the people who are the real subject of the photo. It’s just a natural part of our lives, that most of the time we don’t even notice, that’s been there forever – in the foreground or there background but always there!

Some of the snapshots were taken locally, some from farther away and some whose origins are unknown go back as far as 1892 and bring us forward until now, all the while reminding us of good times past and present in our own lives. Each photograph was chosen because it tells a story or provokes the viewer to imagine a story or best of all implants one’s own memory on the scene.

Local residents have been encouraged to share their own photographs with a Coke in hand or a logo in the background, whatever, and several people have loaned family snapshots or pictures by amateur photographers. Their photos will be included in the exhibit. Photos can be dropped off at the building or emailed to

Like Coca Cola itself, the Old Coke Building has been a part of our lives in Griffin for as long as any of us can remember. Though we may drive past it everyday -notice it or not – it is there and has been for the last 72 years. Built in the iconic Coca Cola architectural style, Griffin has most recognized commercial building has been rejuvenated in recent years, expanded, and adapted to meet new uses as Griffin and the world has changed. But change as we may, that old yet new red brick building is still familiar, reliable, recognizable, steady, available, comfortable, pleasing, connected, a pleasure to see be around and enjoy – an old friend always there for us just like an “Ice Cold Coke!”

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