“Sweet” kids invited to diabetic day camp

camp ivy

Past Camp Ivy “Sweeties”


This year Skipstone Academy has the fortune of housing Camp Ivy- a day camp for children with Diabetes. Camp Ivy gives children with diabetes, their brothers/sisters and friends a chance to have worry-free fun. From July 15, 2013 to July 19, 2013 Camp Ivy will open its doors to children 3 and up (must be able to fully operate their pump if in use). Children under the age of three are also invited to join the fun, but must have a parent present. For $95.00 one child will be provided drinks, snacks, and the opportunity to swim, hike, and much more all under careful supervision from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The deadline for registration is June 15, 2013 and there is $15.00 late fee for late registration (anytime after June 15).  For more information call Camp Ivy, Inc. at 678-688-5124.

A note from Ivy Lockett (organizer)-                                                                                            This coming July 15-19, 2013 will be our 36th year of operation, some of my “sweet kids” from years passed are coming to help our camp, what a blessing! We rent the space at Skipstone Academy for this camp, they have been real good to us, and the “sweet kids” love the things they can accomplish on the physical activities while there. We promote staying very active, it helps them to manage their high blood sugars. But if their blood sugars are too high we had rather have them to lower their blood sugar by additional insulin or drinking loads of water. Our camp nurse, Ms. Jody Tallman, is fantastic helping them to run a healthy blood sugar level. If you can help us with information for all children with Type 1 diabetes, please do. When I myself was a child no one knew anything about Type 1 diabetes, now that I am an adult, sometimes I wonder about that. We feel if young folks learn early what they should and should not do and learn healthy habits, it will help them be healthy adults. The Good Lord has helped me to continue to help “sweet kids”.  I have had Type 1 diabetes now for 65 years- what a trip!

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