Artistic opportunities in Griffin



At the Griffin Senior Center, the Spalding County Parks and Recreation Department offers ceramics classes for all ages. The shelves inside one of the rooms of the center are filled with rows of bisque ware.

“What we do here is artistic, but you don’t have to be artistic to do this program,” Diana Clark, Ceramics Supervisor with the Parks and Recreation Department stated. “We can teach you the techniques you need. It’s therapy. It’s very relaxing. You’re not just making the piece; you’re making a memory.”

Ceramics classes are Tuesdays from 5 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. and Wednesdays from 11a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  Classes are so popular that there is a waiting list for potential participants, according to Clark.


“People come in all the time and most say ‘Oh, my aunt had one of those on the shelf when I was growing up,” Clark said. “Not everybody is 50 and older. We are not restricted by age limit. We allow anyone to participate. We have children who come in with their parents or sister. I think it’s a good thing, because they are exposed to this at such an early age. Children do not have as much to hold them back. They’re game for anything.”

For more information, visit or call 770-467-4750.


Encouraging creativity and artistic ideas is also part of the classes behind the First United Methodist Church Christian Enrichment Center, which offers artistic classes such as culinary courses and sewing camps.

“We do usually run art classes throughout the year, but we are not offering any this summer,” Jennifer Vining, Director of the FUMC Christian Enrichment Center,” said. “We offer other courses, too. We have coming up on July 8 on how to prepare a healthy dinner, while one night you will prepare a dish from China and another night you can make a dish from France. We are also running camps this summer for kids.”

“The camps are geared to kids, and the culinary courses are geared toward 15 and older,” Vining stated. “The classes help to enhance knowledge of the skills that are offered within the camps. You see results immediately.  They are very popular. As of right now, the camps in July have openings varying from five spots to seven spots in each camp. “

For more information about the Christian Enrichment Center, visit For more information regarding the cooking classes, call 770-584-5295.



Easels and paint brushes are common at ‘stache studio, a “public arts studio” that fosters creativity and new ideas from persons who normally wouldn’t think of themselves as artists, according to Jessica Gregory, ‘stache studio founder (and Grip publisher).

“We like to say we’re a ‘no-experience-required’ art studio because our business model is to foster creativity within people who would never consider themselves ‘artists’, Gregory said.  “Of course, artists are welcome here as well, but our goal is to get people who think ‘I can’t paint’ to leave with a painting they are proud to have accomplished.”

At ‘stache studio, birthdays are celebrated, painting parties take place and children and parents have been known to spend a day together painting a project or coming up with ideas for brush and canvas.

“We provide everything you need to paint – canvas, brushes, paints, aprons, easels – and an instructor is painting along with you, showing and coaching you through the painting,” Gregory said.

“When I originally pitched this business idea to my husband, he was convinced that people would paint once or twice and not come back because they had already had the experience.  We have actually found that the opposite is true for the most part – we have many ‘regulars’ that had never painted before and are now hooked because they found their inner creativity.”

With organizations such as the Griffin Area Arts Alliance, ‘stache studio, courses at the Senior Center and multiple other artistic opportunities, it is clear that the Griffin-Spalding County area can easily be classified as a local artistic hub.

“I think that Griffin is more culture-rich than most citizens believe it to be,” Gregory said.  “We have the Camelot Theater and Main Street Players, the Griffin Area Concert Association, and the Griffin Choral Arts, and local businesses presenting events such as the Doc Holliday Beer Festival and Summer Concert Series, which I think add to our community’s cultural development,” Gregory said.    For more information regarding ‘stache studio, visit or call 770-229-6599. Ω



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