Friday, Monday bomb threats under investigation by GPD and SCSO

By Sheila A. Mathews

Managing Editor

Authorities of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office are currently investigating a bomb threat made Monday morning against the Spalding County Courthouse.

According to Sheriff Wendell Beam, the threat was made after the courthouse opened for business.

“At approximately 9:30 this morning, the personnel at the courthouse received a call that said there was a bomb in the courthouse,” Beam said. “At that time, the courthouse was evacuated. We got our K9s and two more K9s from the Department of Corrections. They searched the building and nothing was located.”

Beam said in addition to the courthouse, city of Griffin offices located at 100 S. Hill St. were also evacuated, but all have since reopened.

“It took them approximately an hour to an hour and a half – once we got them on the scene – to go through the entire building,” he said.

Altogether, the evacuation and closures lasted approximately two hours.

This latest incident follows a Friday bomb threat that claimed a pipe bomb had been placed in the parking deck of city of Griffin offices, which is also directly adjacent to the courthouse.

The Griffin Police Department on Friday received assistance from Clayton County law enforcement officers, including explosive K9s.

After a full evacuation of city offices, the search determined no explosive device was present.

Beam and GPD officials say it has not yet been determined if Monday morning’s threat is in any way related to the first incident.

“Any time we have something like this, we’ll always investigate to see if there’s a link,” said the GPD’s Capt. Dwayne Jones.

Beam said SCSO investigators are already in contact with those of the GPD.

One difference already noted was that Friday’s threat indicated a pipe bomb, but no specifications were given by Monday’s caller.

Jones said a person of interest was identified Friday, and the investigation continues.

“We had a person of interest. We did question him and multiple search warrants were executed, but no charges have been filed at this time,” Jones said. “He was questioned and released, but he remains a part of the investigation.”

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