SlowExposures 2013 exhibits chicken eye, grey sunset from Griffin photographers


A Georgia photography exhibit with national ties will feature images from photographers within the Middle Georgia region, including at least two from Griffin and Spalding County.

“SlowExposures” is in its 13th year of showcasing photographs that interpret the American rural South, and each year has featured photographers from around the nation.  The primary show will be hosted by the R.F. Strickland Building in Concord, but also feature satellite photography exhibits as well, including one at A Novel Experience in downtown Zebulon.

When the calls for entry went out, a Griffin photographer, who has been associated with SlowExposures for more than six years, submitted her entry into the competition.

“I’m not only a photographer, but I am also a volunteer. I help to examine portfolio works,” Malgorzata Florkowska said. “This year I am not in the main show in Concord, but I do have a photograph on display at the satellite show that we will have at The Whiskey Bonding Barn in Molena.”

Florkowska, who lives and works in Griffin, keeps posters of past shows in her office at the University of Georgia Experiment Station where she works.  She feels strongly about the art of photography – strong enough to photograph the eye of a chicken for this year’s SlowExposures event.

‘Fins, Fur and Feathers,’  by Malgorzata Florkowska, who was inspired by her friend's special breed of chicken.

‘Fins, Fur and Feathers,’ by Malgorzata Florkowska, who was inspired by her friend’s special breed of chicken.

“It is sort of a close-up of a chicken’s eye,” Florkowska explained.  The exhibit is called ‘Fins, Fur and Feathers,’ and I had the interesting close-up. I had visited my friend’s house and she had a very beautiful, special breed of chicken. It caught my attention.”

Florkowska noted that getting up close and personal with a chicken was a small price to pay for a photograph that potentially hundreds of people will soon be viewing on display.

“For some it can be a scary image, but I like it,” Florkowska joked.

Florkowska joins Griffin resident Gloria Treadway in being featured in this year’s show. Treadway’s work has been featured in past SlowExposures exhibits, including a prize-winning entry in 2009.

“I entered five different pieces.  The chosen one was one of 60-something chosen out of 800 entries.  I am flattered,” Treadway said.

Gloria Treadway's entry of a sunset, titled "Fifty Shades of Grey," was shot on color film. The lack of color in the sunset is what caught Treadway's eye and inspired the picture.

Gloria Treadway’s entry of a sunset, titled “Fifty Shades of Grey,” was shot on color film. The lack of color in the sunset is what caught Treadway’s eye and inspired the picture.

Treadway stated her entry, which will be on display in Concord, was submitted in part because of the emotional connection it made with her as a photograph.

“My entry, ‘Fifty Shades of Gray,’ is a very special piece to me.  I have thousands of photos that I have taken.  This one is probably one of the most simplistic pieces I have ever entered.” Treadway said.

“It was a beautiful sunset with no color.  I know that may seem to make no sense, but this is a color shot taken with color film.  The sunset was all gray and white.  Simple in color at first but the more you look at the photo you see more detail.  The horizon, clouds and movement of the water tend to have more detail since it has less color.  It is not a black and white print.  It is a color photo of all gray.  I think it is very unique for that reason.”

Milner resident Joanne Forde visited A Novel Experience recently after her son Nathan happened to be chosen to have one of his images on display within the student portion of the SlowExposures competition.

“His image will be visible in Concord. I’m very proud of him,” Forde said.

According to the official list of selected participants for the main display in Concord, photographers from as far away as California and Maryland will have their works appear in the 2013 SlowExposures photography exhibit.

“It’s brought a lot of people here from all over. The largest percentage of people who help make this happen are from the Griffin-Spalding County area. They are phenomenal. They are all volunteers, and give their time, talents and efforts every year,” Brenda Fayard, one of the original photographers of SlowExposures, said.

“It’s always interesting to see the works that come in and represent the rural south. Each photographer has their own idea for a theme,” Andrea Noel, who assisted with hanging the artwork for this year’s show, said.

SlowExposures photography exhibit will take place from Friday, September 20 through Sunday, September 29.

For a calendar of SlowExposures events and locations, visit  Ω

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