Humbly Serving ‘Hand ups’

KAY BRUMBELOW ::: Features contributor

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” Faye Harmon can certainly testify to the truth in his statement. Faye was initially inspired to give by her son, Kevin Harmon. He was known for taking food to needy people and once gave the coat off his own back to a homeless he saw in the Krystal parking lot. Tragically, this compassionate young man was murdered. “Kevin’s murder could have hardened my heart toward others, but I won’t let the men that murdered my son make me bitter or steal my joy”, says Harmon. Instead, she founded Humbly Serving Ministry in his honor.

Humbly Serving Ministry’s mission is “to give people a hand up, not a hand out.” A few years ago, Faye started noticing needy people inquiring for help in obtaining basic items such as clothing, furniture and other items on Facebook. She began donating items of her own to people in need, and soon began asking friends and family to do the same. A few months later, she was inspired to set up an Angel Tree at Papa Willies in Williamson. TNT Christmas Tree Farm donated a tree and she filled it with angel ornaments containing Christmas wish lists of area children. The response was overwhelming.  The ministry was able to provide Christmas presents for over seventy families on Christmas morning. Realizing the need for basic necessities in the community, Faye began Humbly Serving Ministries out of her own home.

At first, Faye collected yard sale leftovers, clothing, old furniture herself and distributed them to needy families that came to her. She soon began to realize that her home could not hold the amount of donations she was receiving from the community. Therefore, the decision was made to move the ministry to a rental home in Zebulon. There, she and her volunteers receive, sort, and organize donations and distribute them to families in the area.

"Faye Harmon, her mother, and many friends and family members work together to offer a hand-up to needy residents of our community."

“Faye Harmon, her mother, and many friends and family members work together to offer a hand-up to needy residents of our community.”

“Many days we may serve five or six families, while other days we serve only one. But, serving that one person in need is worth it”, Faye states. The ministry was even able to house a lady and her three children who were being abused. They were able to feed and provide clothing for them.  Because of the growth of the organization, on September 1st, they are moving to a bigger building in Zebulon.
The Ministry survives on donations and encourages the community to join together to provide for the less fortunate. “Humbly Serving is truly a community effort of compassion and true love for human beings. It’s simply heartbreaking how much we take for granted. We are about serving God and loving people and helping others. If I don’t like something, then I must try to change it. It hurts my heart to see people suffering and in need, so I am working toward helping them and hope the community will join me,” adds Faye.

Monetary donations can be contributed to Humbly Serving Ministries at any area Wells Fargo Bank, or by mail.  Any clothing, furniture or houseware donations can be made to the organization at 516 Griffin Street in Zebulon. After September 1st, donations can be delivered  to the new location at 7791 Highway 19 South in Zebulon. Families in need can also visit the center to receive help.

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