Zombies walk Griffin Oct. 26

zombie walk poster


A Griffin man is hoping a “Zombie Walk” being planned for next month will not only entertain local residents, but also bring attention to downtown businesses and help with donations to local food pantries.

Neal Goff is the idea man and creator behind an October 26 “Zombie Walk” that will take place in Griffin. A Zombie Walk is where participants dress up in as zombies, or “walkers,” and walk a predetermined route for charity or other purposes.

“It’s something different, they’ve been doing them in Atlanta for 10 years for recreation and to have fun,” Goff said. “I’ve lived in Griffin all my life and I enjoy doing these sort of things and helping my community. For 10 years I’ve put on music shows in and around Griffin in the Atlanta area. I figured it was a creative way to get people involved and get the attention of the citizens of Griffin. Something that’s never been done in Griffin before.”

There is no cost to participate in the event, although each individual in Griffin’s Zombie Walk will be required to donate canned goods as part of the event. The collected items will be donated to local food banks and food pantries to help families and individuals in need, according to Goff.

“We will go through different organizations that we are lining up right now. We will hand off our food donations to them.”

Zombie Walks tend to be popular among horror enthusiasts. During the event, participants are encouraged to remain in character as zombies and to communicate only in a manner consistent with zombie “behavior,” sometimes including grunting and groaning.

Participants in Zombie Walks usually create their own make-up and travel to the event. Predetermined walking routes ensure that those who become “zombies” for a few hours do not come in conflict with the public or surrounding areas.

“When they Zombie Walk in Orlando, they only cross a street so they don’t have to shut it down,” Ronnie Fox with Griffin’s Haunted Theatre On Hill Street, and an experienced Zombie Walk participant, said.

Griffin’s Zombie Walk already has a route designated and meetings with local police have ensured that safety will be the first concern, according to Goff.

Goff received permission from Food Depot grocery store to use the area in front of the Dollar General. The route plans to come out of parking lot and use sidewalks on Taylor Street into downtown Griffin.  Goff hopes that once persons reach the end of the route that they will visit local businesses and draw attention to the stores through the unusual make up and the fact that the event is taking place around the time of Halloween.

“The response to the Griffin Zombie Walk is so much more then I could have ever asked.  It is blowing my mind how well of a response this event is getting. People are excited about it, especially with The Walking Dead being recently filmed in Griffin. The event on Facebook has gotten triple the attention I ever thought it would get,” Goff stated.

For more information on the Griffin Zombie Walk, visit the organization’s Facebook page at facebook.com/griffinzombiewalk or email griffinzombiewalk@gmail.com. Ω


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