Suspects of Third Ward area rash of car break-ins arrested


On January 5, as result of an ongoing investigation, the Griffin Police Department arrested Mitchell Thomas and Micah Starcevich-Haas who reside on Meriwether St. in Griffin, Georgia for Entering Auto and Loitering and Prowling.   They were taken to the Spalding County jail where they are still being held as of the time of this release.

Mitchell Thomas                                    & Micah Starcevich-Haas

Mitchell Thomas & Micah Starcevich-Haas

 Shortly after 2 a.m. on January 5,  officers from the Griffin Police Department responded to 911 calls in reference to suspicious persons walking in the area of E. College St. and Terracedale Court.  Officer Brandon Walden and Cpl. Bryan Jones, who were already in the area due to a rash of entering autos, were able to quickly respond and locate two subjects coming out of a yard on Terracedale Court. They were later identified as Thomas and Starcevich-Haas.   After a brief investigative stop, officers determinied Thomas was in possession of stolen property that was linked back to one of the previous entering autos that occurred in the area days prior.  Both suspects were detained at that time and transported to the Police Department.

 After further investigation, Sgt. Karen Yancy with the Criminal Investigations Division was able to obtain a search warrant for the suspect’s residence, at which time numerous items that are believed to be stolen were recovered.  It’s believed that the suspects could be linked to several of the entering autos reported last week in the E. College St. area.  Additional charges pending further investigation.  Anyone living in the E. College St. area that has stolen items that have not been reported please contact Sgt. Karen Yancy at (770) 229-6452, ext. 537.


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