Adoptable Pet of the Week ::: Abner




Abner is a goofy but shy American bulldog mix pup. He is relatively new to foster care, and he is still not quite sure that all humans have good intentions. He is a sweet boy with a good disposition, but he needs a little time and TLC before he will be comfortable with new people. Trust us, Abner is 100 percent worth the effort and deserving of a loving home all his own.

Adoption fee is $125 and includes all shots and spay/neuter. If you would like to meet Abner, email or call 678-878-8338



The foster homes of the Griffin-Spalding County Humane Society are all currently full and cannot accept new animals.  If you are looking for a new family pet, consider giving one of these animals a forever home.

For more pets and information, visit

There are also many “last chance pets” available for adoption at the Spalding County Animal Shelter located at 208 Justice Boulevard in Griffin. Adoption fees are $30 for Spalding County residents and $35 for non-residents.  This does not include spay/neuter or shots.To view those animals, visit




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