Humane Society Pets of the Week



Four eight-week-old kittens have lost their mother due to rat poisoning and though they are stable, are also suffering from poisoning. There are three female Calicos; white, orange and gray stripped. The one male is white and orange. All cats are very socialized and are not afraid of people or dogs.

During the kittens’ first trip to the vet, they showed no symptoms of poisoning. After surgery was performed on the mother cat, the rat poisoning was caught and the kittens began to show symptoms within the next four hours.

They are receiving medicine to help with clotting and to help build their blood. This has to be done daily for the next six weeks. Also, blood tests need to be done to see if their blood is within range for proper clotting and to see if they have proper blood count. At this time they can not eat any dry or hard food. All food must be soaked to soften it and/or they must be given canned food along with their medicine.

If you can donate please send your donation to: Spalding County Humane Society, P. O. Box 758, Experiment, GA 30212 Attn. Poisoned Kittens. Ω

The foster homes of the Griffin-Spalding County Humane Society are all currently full and cannot accept new animals.  If you are looking for a new family pet, consider giving one of these animals a forever home.

For more pets and information, visit

There are also many “last chance pets” available for adoption at the Spalding County Animal Shelter located at 208 Justice Boulevard in Griffin. Adoption fees are $30 for Spalding County residents and $35 for non-residents.  This does not include spay/neuter or shots.To view those animals, visit



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