Pod 35 Dolcetto of Sun City Peachtree issues a challenge


sun cityGwen and Tony Martin of Pod 35 Dolcetto in Sun City Peachtree are so passionate about literacy that they and their neighbors donated enough funds to provide books for two dozen children through the Spalding County Ferst Foundation. Now they are challenging the other pods in Sun City Peachtree to do the same.

“Tony read an article about the Spalding County Ferst Foundation’s mission,” said Gwen. “He was surprised by the statistics.  He told me about it, and we decided it was something we wanted to support.”  The Martins wanted to send books to as many children as possible to help them prepare for learning, so in January they brought the SCFF up in their neighborhood meeting.  The result is that 24 Spalding County children between birth and age 5 will now receive age-appropriate books in their homes each month for a year.

“We are so grateful for the support the Spalding County Ferst Foundation has received from Sun City Peachtree residents,” said Louisa Melton of the SCFF Community Action Team. “Many children are now receiving monthly books through the generosity of individuals and groups such as Friends of the Library, the Garden Club, and now the residents of Dolcetto.”

“Exposing children from birth to literacy skills such as reading, talking, and music is the only way to prepare them to be ready to learn when they enter school,” Gwen explained.” I am a retired math teacher. I have seen so many children struggle because they lacked the necessary skills to move forward.” The Martin’s daughter is an elementary teacher who tells her parents of the children she teaches daily who struggle to learn to read, write, and understand how to work through problems because they lack language and background skills they must have in order to learn.

“Now those of us in Dolcetto want other Sun City Peachtree pods to get involved in giving the children of Spalding County the gift of literacy,” Tony and Gwen challenge. “Think how many children we can help if we work together!”

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