Alleged killer of GPD Officer Kevin Jordan expected to survive


Michael Bowman, the suspect charged with felony murder in the Saturday morning shooting death of Griffin Police Department Officer Kevin Jordan, is expected to survive.
A police source has confirmed that Bowman remains in critical, but stable, condition.
After allegedly shooting Officer Jordan in the back five times at close range, Bowman was injured when the slain officer’s brother, Raymond Jordan, returned fire.
The most recent report GPD officials received is that Bowman sustained a gunshot wound to his upper chest and a second to his face.
Personnel of Atlanta Medical Center reported to law enforcement that Bowman is on a ventilator and will be unable to undergo surgery until swelling subsides.
Bowman reportedly has bullet fragments in his face and a shattered jaw.
Medical staff has advised they will need to remove the bullet fragments and that Bowman will require plastic surgery once his condition will permit such a procedure.


  1. wefwefef says:

    Leave the bullets in his face… who shoot a cop in the BACK 5 times… coward!

  2. David Helms says:

    Wonder who is footing that medical bill? On a side note, nice shot placement Mr Jordan. Kevin would be proud. Love, to all families affected.

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