County BoC tables new airport bond referendum; potential “alternative funding source” referenced


The Spalding County Commission has tabled its vote on a referendum calling a general obligation bond that was to appear on the November general election ballot. Cited as the reason for postponing action on the bond was a potential alternate funding source.
No specific details were provided regarding that funding source, but Commissioner Raymond Ray requested Spalding County Manager William Wilson contact Griffin City Manager Kenny Smith to schedule as soon as possible a meeting of city, county and Griffin-Spalding County Airport Authority officials.
Wilson said he will contact Smith immediately following tonight’s meeting and notify county BoC member when such a meeting may take place.
Wilson also reminded county commissioners that in order for a general obligation bond referendum to be placed on the November ballot, board approval would be required no later than Aug. 1.
Editor’s Note: The Grip will be following up on this breaking news and will report new information as it becomes available.



  1. Will Sanders says:

    Vote em ALL OUT! They ALL lied and promised the voters a chance to vote! THEY ALL LIED! VOTE EM ALL OUT!

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