Former Molena police chief pleads guilty to malfeasance

Publisher’s note: Becky Watts, editor of The Pike County Times, has extensively covered the criminal investigation against Jim Roberts, currently the mayor and formerly the police chief of the city of Molena.

Roberts on Thursday pled guilty in Upson County Superior Court. Please visit the link below for complete coverage the GBI investigation against Roberts, his arrest and subsequent conviction.


  1. It sickens me that I lived in Molena while this cretin was molesting boys. He even saw my 2 yr old grandson with me and patted him on the back! I don’t even think his wife divorced him!!

  2. Stephanie Marchman says:

    This is another prime example of the travesty that happens in GA courtrooms. I don’t care what side of the badge you are in…if you do the crime, do the time. Authority is not power and a slap on the wrist is not a justifyable sentence!! This is exactly why offenders repeat….and exactly how much county funds are gone over his free fill ups, misuse of county time , etc?????

  3. Kevin Newman says:

    This is an outrage !!! now he gets to go find some other child to mess with why is it that he or any other officer gets such preferential treatment. Basically he was given a ticket to continue his pedophile actions. this is why we need to fight for new laws on how sex offenders are handled I bet he doesn’t even have to register with the sex offenders registry??

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