Two toddlers found alone on Meriwether Street in state custody; both boys’ mothers arrested


Two toddlers have been placed under the care of the Spalding County Department of Family and Children’s Services and their mothers are under arrest after the young boys were found unattended Monday morning on Meriwether Street.

Lt. Mike Richardson, of the Griffin Police Department Criminal Investigation Division, said the two boys were located unsupervised at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Officers of the Uniform Patrol Division first responded to the scene and attempted to make contact with someone regarding the two-year-old boys.

“The children went and sat down on the porch at 509 Meriwether Street when the police arrived,” Richardson said.

Officers repeatedly knocked on the doors and windows at that location, but received no response.

The toddlers were then transported to GPD headquarters and Sgt. Karen Yancey took over the case.

Richardson said CID investigators then returned to Meriwether Street and began to canvass the neighborhood for information.

“When we started knocking on doors, someone across the street from 509 Meriwether said they knew the children stayed at that house,” he said.

Richardson said he and other investigators returned to 509 Meriwether St., and once again repeatedly knocked on the door and windows. After again receiving no response, Richardson said he checked the front door and found it to be unlocked.

“We made entry, identifying ourselves as the police, and found one of the mothers in the bed, asleep,” he said.

Richardson said he asked the mother if she was missing any children and she affirmed that both her son and the son of a friend were not there.

“She was brought back to the Police Department and placed under arrest,” Richardson said. “The mother of the other child is here now, too. She (the second mother) had apparently left and was going to the store. A few hours later, they made contact with her and she came to the Police Department. She has also been placed under arrest.”

The mother that was found sleeping at 509 Meriwether St., has been charged with two counts of cruelty to children, two counts of reckless conduct. Upon being informed she was being arrested and charged in the case, the mother became combative, resisted arrest and had to be physically subdued, which resulted in an additional charge of obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

The mother who was not present at the residence has been charged with one count of reckless conduct.

Richardson explained that due to the circumstances of the case, the mothers’ identities are not yet being released.

“Due to the fact that we’re still trying to identify family members, we’re not releasing any names at this time,” he said. “The Department of Family and Children’s Services has been contacted. Both children are in DFCS custody until they can determine placement for the children, whether that be with relatives or in foster care.”



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