ISIS threat: responses from the GPD and SCSO


The city of Griffin Police Department and the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office have received a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) alert regarding an alleged Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) threat against a Spalding County resident.

According to Sheriff Wendell Beam, no threat has been made against the city of Griffin or Spalding County, but rather one military service member.

The Grip has learned that the individual cited in the ISIS threat serves in the US Navy and is currently deployed.

Neither the GPD nor the SCSO are investigating this threat.

“We don’t have anything to investigate,” Beam said. “We received the information from the FBI as a national alert. One person involved lives here in Spalding County, and that’s the reason the FBI notified us. The FBI is conducting its investigation and is keeping us informed of anything that develops. We do not have anything to show there’s any immediate threat.”

Lt. Mike Richardson, of the GPD Criminal Investigation Division, said, “We aren’t investigating anything. There’s nothing for us to investigate.”

The GPD and SCSO both say they will be notified of any further developments that may impact the local community.

“We have been in contact with FBI officials and briefed regarding the list published by ISIS of individual targets. There is no credible information at this time that would indicate that the city of Griffin or Spalding County are direct targets of these alleged threats. As you are aware in the recent National News reports the alleged targets are military service members. According to the FBI the individuals listed to include a local service member who resides in Spalding County, have been notified and briefed regarding the alleged threats,” Richardson said. “Additionally, all city of Griffin Police Department personnel and Spalding County Sheriff’s Office personnel have been briefed and are aware of the situation.   In the event an incident was to occur, as in any case, PD and S.O. personnel will quickly respond and take all necessary actions to secure the safety of the public, and individuals involved. We will continue to communicate with FBI officials regarding the situation.”

Beam added, “If anything happens, we’ll send the appropriate people out to handle the situation.”

As always, if anyone in the community witnesses suspicious behavior or illegal conduct, they are asked to contact 911.

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