GPD: Man stabbed and beaten prior to knife attack on van


After responding in nonemergency mode to a 911 call regarding an intoxicated person at the Econo Lodge located at 1616 North Expressway, officers of the Griffin Police Department on Thursday discovered a hotel guest had allegedly stabbed a vehicle after beating and stabbing a co-worker.

Officer Dawn Storm, of the GPD Uniform Patrol Division reported arriving at the scene at 12:03 a.m. and making contact with Shanda Pitts, the hotel manager, who stated she had witnessed an intoxicated white male in the parking lot, yelling and stabbing with a knife a van.

Pitts identified the suspect as the guest registered to room 110, and upon approaching the room, Storm and Officer Tina Beam heard two men arguing.

“Patrolman Bean knocked on the door and the arguing stopped. Patrolman Bean knocked on the door again and the door came open, and that’s when a white male subject came out of the room bloody from head to toes, cursing and yelling and started going towards the front of the hotel,” Storm.

Storm followed the blood-covered man, later identified as Michael Auer, age 32, of 1430 Regency Road B-101, Gulfshores, Ala., as he went to the hotel rooms of Gregory Grimes and James Branan, his employers. There, he stated he had been beaten up “for no reason” by Wain Zain, age 39, of 405 8th St., Altoona, Ind., the second man present in room 110.

After calming Auer, Storm returned to room 110, where Bean was attempting to detain Zain, who was allegedly clasping a pill bottle containing a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana.

Once handcuffed, Storm asked Zain what had happened, and she reported he repeatedly referenced having eaten and started drinking at Maria’s Mexican restaurant, which is located next door to the hotel, three days prior.

Storm spoke with Grimes and Branan who confirmed the four men had been eating supper at Maria’s when Auer and Zain went to the bar and began drinking.

Grimes said at approximately 9:30 p.m., Auer had returned to the hotel and “passed out on his bed.”

Branan stated he had received a phone call from Maria’s reporting an unpaid tab, which he paid. Upon returning to his own hotel room Branan said he had been awakened roughly every half hour by Auer about his arguing with Zain.

“Auer had a severe cut on his lip and nose which were both bleeding profusely and several other small marks on his body,” Storm reported. “Auer was transported to Spalding Regional Medical Center for treatment. After Auer arrived at the hospital, dispatch advised that the hospital had advised Auer had been stabbed.”

After later making contact with emergency room staff, Storm learned Auer had sustained two stab wounds to the buttocks that would require four to five staples. The wound to his lip necessitated approximately 20 stitches.

“Zain also damaged a (2015) Mercedes van belonging to Ean Holdings (Enterprise) that is being leased by “Rectify,” Storm stated. “Zain also has damage to the hotel room with blood all over the carpet and both linens on the beds.”

Zain is facing charges of aggravated battery, two counts of criminal damage to property and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.


  1. Michael auer says:

    You are wrong about the arguing I was sleeping when this all happened he stabbed me in the buttocks while I was sleeping

    • The statement regarding an argument heard inside the hotel room was made by the arresting officer. If you dispute the validity of her report, you may contact the Griffin Police Department at 770.229.6450.

  2. Michael auer says:

    That was me

  3. R Hayden DC PhD FICC says:

    Please, Sheila—give us an update on the skewered van. Is it under treatment? Stable? Did it succumb to its injuries? Will the Van-Gogh??? Robert A. Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC Iris City Chiropractic Center Griffin, GA Delegate, State of GA, American Chiropractic Association

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