Atkinson Elementary principal, teacher charged with felony child cruelty, misdemeanor battery


Atkinson Elementary School Principal Aveory Allen and Derek Wilder, a teacher, are facing a felony charge of child cruelty and a misdemeanor battery charge following an alleged altercation with students.

School officials say the incident allegedly occurred during after school detention and was reported to the district office by parents of the involved students.

According to a GSCSS press release, upon witnesses being interviewed, “statements affirmed that two male students were grabbed by the neck.”

GSCSS officials say the Griffin Police Department was immediately notified and on Tuesday, reported warrants will be taken for felony child cruelty and misdemeanor battery.

“Principal Aveory Allen and teacher Derek Wilder agreed to administrative leave pending further action,” school officials said.


  1. This is blown out of portion… May this be resolved quickly and decently and Mr. Allen and Mr. Wilder both return to their positions at Atkinson Elementary School Suddenly all Forgiven “No Suspension”. Clear their records with favor and forgiveness. I’m a witness they do good, great and faithful work to build up the community of Griffin, Georgia and should be rewarded and acknowledged for the good works they do in helping all kids in Griffin Spalding County community. ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿพ Jennifer Coggins-Kraus

  2. May favor be given here on Mr. Allen and Mr. Wilder behalf as well as forgiveness and they both return to their post as Principal and Teacher… @Jennifercoggins ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿพ

  3. Migon Rucker says:

    Don’t know anything about this situation but would like for Mr.Allen and Coach Wilder to know that they are in my family prayers. I hope and pray that everything works out in you guys favor.

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