Five Griffin High School students arrested after two Monday morning fights


Five Griffin High School students were arrested Monday morning as a result of two separate and unrelated fights.
According to Lt. Michael Natale, of the Griffin Police Department, the first incident involved four juveniles and the second involved two additional students.
“In the first incident, four students were charged with fighting. It stemmed from a party this weekend that was out in the county,” he said. “In the second incident, a 17-year-old student bumped into another student in the hallway and a fight ensued.”
The 17-year-old was arrested and charged with simple assault, and in the first incident, all four juveniles were arrested and charged with fighting.
“Technically, five students were arrested, but the four juveniles from the first incident were released to their parents’ custody,” Natale said, explaining that is standard protocol in juvenile cases.
Natale said the incidents remain under investigation.
The Grip has reached out to Griffin High School’s principal, Mr. Evans, and will update this story when additional information becomes available.


  1. It’s sad. I go to Griffin High. And really there were like 5 fights this morning . And these people wonder why the school board is cracking down so much, because of pure ignorance like today. Some people will never learn , some people just don’t have any home training . I tell you this right now though, our school has rats, roaches , spiders. Anything you could think of . & the teachers this year are terrible, they don’t know how to teach , and or control their own class . They say “bullying won’t be tolerated ” but I see people getting bullied everyday, and teachers just watch , or just say go to class. That rule really needs to be enforced , because that’s what made my sister drop out . Her freshman year, because some ignorant people wanted to bully her , and when we stood up and said something about it , absolutely nothing got done about . With all do honesty. We either need a new principle, or new people in the school board.

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