Sunday morning drive-by shooting wounds one


The Griffin Police Department is investigating a drive-by shooting that occurred early Sunday morning, leaving one man wounded.
According to Investigator Todd Howard, of the GPD Criminal Investigation Division, the shooting took place at 1701 Park Circle and was reported at approximately 3:40 a.m.
Howard said the incident was precipitated by an altercation outside Spalding County.
“A group of people went out to a night club in Clayton County and that’s where the incident escalated from,” he said.
The initial altercation allegedly took place inside the club and spilled over from there.
“In the parking lot, it escalated, but both parties went their separate ways,” Howard said.
The victim and several others in his party then returned to the 701 Park Circle residence where the shooting later occurred.
Authorities have not released a specific number, but say numerous shots were fired into the residence.
“A hail of bullets came through the house. Several rounds were fired through the residence. They meant business; they meant to hurt someone,” Howard said. “Several people were inside the residence, but only one was struck.”
The victim – a man whose identity has not been released – was struck by gunfire and subsequently flown to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment and later released.
Howard said he is not yet releasing details on the type of weapon used in the drive-by, but did refer to it as a “high-caliber firearm,” and said many shots were fired from a vehicle traveling on South Pine Hill Road.

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