GPD officer credited with saving distraught woman’s life


Cpl. Chris Wilson, of the Griffin Police Department Uniform Patrol Division, is being credited with saving the life of a distraught woman.
On Dec. 4, Wilson was dispatched to the Ellis Bridge Road in reference to a woman believed to be attempting suicide by jumping off the bridge.
Upon arrival, Wilson found the woman on the top rail of the bridge with her feet dangling off the edge. He engaged her in conversation and confirmed she was contemplating suicide.
During the course of their conversation, Wilson maneuvered himself closer to her while reassuring her that he was there to help and that he did not want her to jump.
From that position, Wilson was able to grab the woman and pull her back over the rail to safety while continuing to tell her that her life is worth living and reassuring her she was going to be all right.
The entire incident was captured on Wilson’s body camera, and after reviewing the footage, Interim Chief Homer Daniel said, “There is no doubt that Cpl. Wilson’s response and actions saved her life. This event once again demonstrates the wide variety of situations that police officers across the country respond to each and every day with caring and compassion.”
The GRIP has requested the body camera footage and will share it when it is made available.


  1. God Bless You Cpl. Wilson !!!

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