Elderly man critically injured when struck by vehicle in parking lot


A 78-year-old man was critically injured Thursday when he was struck by a vehicle in the parking lot behind Ryan’s Steak House.
According to Griffin Fire-Rescue Chief Tommy Jones, a vehicle was backing out of a parking place when he struck the elderly man.
“He hit his head on the asphalt. Since he was elderly and had a head injury, they flew him out. He had a pretty significant head injury,” Jones said. “One of my off duty firefighters, Jeremy Cousson, he was at the fireworks stand buying fireworks. The man had no pulse when he found him. He started CPR and got his pulse back.”
In addition to Cousson, the elderly man received treatment at the scene from personnel of Spalding Regional Hospital Emergency Medical Services.
On duty Griffin Fire-Rescue personnel also responded to the incident and established a landing zone from which the victim was flown by Life Flight to an Atlanta trauma unit.
Jones is uncertain of the elderly man’s condition, but said after he was resuscitated, he was stabilized.
“They didn’t say he was conscious, but they got a pulse back and his vital signs were stable before he was transported,” Jones said.


  1. Martin L. Sullivan says:

    As good as it get for a community

  2. Way to go Jeremy! !!!! Healthcare workers are ALWAYS on duty 🙂

  3. Jeremy is a fine firefighter! We need more like him!

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