GPD officer assaulted in street fight


A fight involving a rather large crowd occurred Tuesday evening on Kentucky Avenue, resulting in the response of multiple units from the Griffin Police Department.

Witnesses reported seeing as many as ten police units speeding northbound on North Hill Street.

According to GPD Lt. Curtis Keys, this response followed another officer being assaulted in the fight.

“There was a fight tonight on Kentucky Avenue with about ten or 15 people involved. (MPO) Chip Johns was out there by himself trying to break them up and he ended up getting hit. He called out for help and we responded. When Chip called for help, we stepped it up,” Keys said, adding that arrests are pending. “The people who were actually fighting ran off.”

Keys said officers have obtained many suspects’ street names, and efforts are now underway to further identify the fight participants.

“We’ve got all their names. That’s what we’re dealing with now – trying to get their real names so we can get warrants for them,” he said.

Keys said the fight involved adults, but began over an issue involving juveniles.

Johns was not injured in the incident.


  1. Tony Sharp says:

    Thank you for what you do Sheila. There is no mention of this at GDN, WKEU, or It is good to know that there is at least one news outlet paying attention to what is going on in Griffin.

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