Lamar County man charged with murdering his mother


David Lewis McGuire Jr., of 157 Liz Acres Road in Lamar County, has been arrested and charged with murder in relation to the death of his mother, Elaine McGuire.

According to information released by the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office, deputies received a call to that location at approximately 9:30 a.m. Sept. 15, in reference to an unresponsive female.

Upon their arrival, deputies found a deceased female at the residence.

Sheriff Brad White subsequently contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for assistance with processing the crime scene.
The GBI was further requested to assist in the investigation along with Lamar County Sheriffs investigators.

Elaine McGuire’s body was transported to the GBI Crime Lab for autopsy.

After the preliminary investigation was complete, it was determined that Elaine McGuire was deceased with gunshot wounds present.

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