Sheriff’s Office searching for woman whose whereabouts are unknown following wreck


The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office is seeking to locate the female driver of a wrecked vehicle who has not been seen or heard from since prior to the early Wednesday incident.

According to Capt. Dwayne Jones, deputies responded to the area of Vineyard and Cowan roads in the early morning hours, locating one wrecked vehicle – a 2005 Neon belonging to Angel Currier.

“Deputies at about 1:43 this morning responded to Vineyard and Cowan roads, and they did locate a car that comes back to Angel Currier. It was unoccupied, and had run into a ditch – it looks like a single-car MVA (motor vehicle accident). From what I can tell, and I haven’t been told differently, is that there was no type of trauma, like she had been thrown out or anything like that,” Jones said. “They did their due diligence. They checked the area, and they sent a deputy to her home address that was based off the registration that is on Fayetteville Road, and had negative contact. They had the dispatch center attempt to call her and had negative contact. I’m sure they searched the immediate vicinity. There was nothing to indicate there was any blood trail. If there was, they would have been able to follow it.”

After The GRIP contacted the SCSO, officials reached out and requested Currier’s family make contact with an investigator, which they soon did.

“We’re concerned obviously, too. We’ve got someone involved in a motor vehicle accident and we respond and can’t find her. We’re certainly concerned about her welfare,” Jones said.

Jones said the incident report, filed by Deputy Garrett Deason, described the scene.

“It looks like the report is stating it ran the stop sign and came to a stop in the ditch,” Jones said, adding there there was no indication any other vehicles were involved. “The way it (the report) talks, the vehicle appears to have been traveling northbound on Cowan when it went through the stop sign at Cowan and Vineyard and came to a stop in the ditch.”

He said the Criminal Investigation Division is now involved and is attempting to verify Currier’s well being.

“We are trying to do what we can. Your text is the first I’ve known about this. Our investigative division is involved. We’re trying to do everything we can, but we just got first notice when you texted,” Jones said. “We’d received no information about her being missing from her family.”

When asked if the circumstances appear suspicious, Jones said, “Yes, but the thing is, she’s a grown adult and she hasn’t necessarily broken any laws.”

The vehicle was impounded and when its contents were inventoried, miscellaneous clothing items were listed, but no hand bag, cell phone or keys were noted.

Jones reiterated that while the circumstances are somewhat unusual, there is no evidence of wrongdoing.

“It’s not unusual for people to have miscellaneous clothing items in their car,” he said. “And once again, there’s a good possibility that she was driving the car. It was registered to her; typically the owner of the car does drive the car, but at this point, I can’t tell you definitively who was driving the car because we don’t know. Now, if we can try to find out where she was previously – hopefully we can – but we’re kind of starting from ground zero here trying to find out if she was at a friend’s house? A relative’s house? Did they see her leave? Was she leaving by herself? Was she alone? We’d like for her to at least contact us and say she hey, I’m safe. I’m fine. I’m okay, but we are looking into it. We aren’t sitting idly by, because we do get concerned, too.”

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