GPD investigating Waffle House armed robbery reported Friday


The Griffin Police Department on Friday, Jan. 20, responded to the Waffle House located at 1408 Highway 16, following the report of an armed robbery.

According to the incident report filed by GPD Uniform Patrol Division Officer Jairreis Williams, Waffle House employee Candace Harrison alleged the robbery was committed by a black male with a slim build, who was estimated to be approximately 6 feet to 6 feet three inches tall. Harrison reported the perpetrator was wearing a blue hoodie with dark sunglasses and a white bandanna over his face.

“Candace stated that when the black male entered the restaurant, he had a black in color gun, possibly a 9mm semiautomatic pointed at her, gesturing her to open the register,” Williams reported. “Candace stated he placed his finger over his mouth gesturing her not to say anything to her co-worker.”

Harrison stated she then opened the register and placed the money in a bag.

“After she emptied the register, the black male told Candace to lift the register tray so he could ensure all that was all the money. Candace stated after he saw the register was empty, he turned and ran out the door,” Williams stated.

Harrison said the suspect then ran out the door, after which she informed her co-worker a robbery had occurred and she reported the incident to 911.

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