Husband charged with murder in death of Sandy Cherry



The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Earl Cherry in the alleged murder of Sandy Cherry, of 104 Pine Glen Mobile Home Park located at 1795 N. McDonough Road.

According to a press release issued by Sheriff Darrell Dix, deputies received a request to conduct a welfare check at that location on the morning of Feb. 23. The request was received at approximately 9:44 a.m when 50-year-old Sandy Cherry’s coworkers reported she was absent from work and had failed to pick up another employee with whom she carpooled.

When deputies arrived at her residence, they made contact with Cherry’s husband, 50-year-old Earl Cherry. The deputies explained why they were at the residence and asked to speak to his wife.

Officials say Earl Cherry refused to allow deputies to speak with her or enter the residence or to check on her, at one point even claiming she was not home and had left after an argument.

Based on their observations at the scene and conflicting stories by Earl Cherry, deputies decided to initiate a search of the residence to check Mrs. Cherry’s welfare.

As soon as they entered the residence, deputies observed a large crime scene and eventually located Sandy Cherry, who was deceased.

Earl Cherry was immediately taken into custody without incident.

Spalding County Coroner Sonny Foster and his staff, WellStar Spalding Regional Hospital Emergency Medical Services, Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Ben Coker and Chief Assistant District Attorney Marie Broder also responded to the scene to assist in the investigation.

Earl Cherry has been charged with one count each of murder, felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, concealing the death of another and tampering with evidence.

Dix said our thoughts and prayer go out to these families. We ask the community to keep them in their thoughts and prayers as well as they deal with this tragedy.


  1. Hope Watson says:

    I miss you so much Sandy. I wish you could of told me what you were going through. We went through so much together. Just keep watching over Mikey your only son. I love you my sisterfriend. Continue to rest in peace. You WILL get justice. As of you Earl Cherry, I hope you rot in hell for what you did to a woman who was and is still loved by so many!

  2. So sad, all I can say is, I’m praying for everyone involved

  3. Donna Tomko says:

    This man should die…. sandy was such a sweet loving human… my bestbfriend throughout school.. he took a womans life who was also a mother.
    My heart is broken.

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