Man charged with felony for alleged threats against schools, Police Department


Joseph Miller Jr., the 28-year-old man accused of threatening to shoot up local schools and the Griffin Police Department, has been arrested and charged with one felony count of terroristic act.

Miller was on Thursday morning reported to the GPD by a family member who turned in a Kel-Tec 2000 9mm handgun that allegedly belonged to Miller.

The family member also reported that three long guns were located in the bedroom of Miller’s 305 B Louise Lane residence.

A search warrant was obtained from Spalding County Magistrate Court, and was subsequently executed by members of the GPD Special Response Team and the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit.

Located were loose rounds of ammunition and a flare gun.

Miller is being held in the Spalding County Jail. Joseph Miller Jr.


  1. He needs to be in a mental hospital for life and throw away the key!!! Only served one meal a day and just a mat and a blanket to sleep on with the lights on all night and no visitation rights….. He deserves it!!!! how can you hurt or have intention’s on harming innocent young children???? sick in the mind and shameful!!!!!!!

  2. Michael Renew says:

    Oops again

  3. Sandra Daniel says:

    So glad he was caught before he harmed anyone Thank you to the Mom that got one of the guns and called the police. Thanks to our Police Dept and everyone that help to find him and no one was hurt .

  4. What always amazes me is when someone is “angry” at a situation they caused they resort to threats on others that aren’t involved in their situation by any means. My only guess is a tactic to throw someone off their trail or their delusional thoughts. Such as, ” hey I’m super pissed so I want to create as much havoc as I can. Let me threaten the school children and the police department. Because that’s going to make it all go away.” Complete lack of a moral compass or just a flaming idiot!!!!!

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