Monday morning Waffle House armed robbery suspect quickly apprehended


The Griffin Police Department is investigating an alleged armed robbery that was reported March 27 at the Waffle House located at 1408 Highway 16.

According to GPD Officer Amanda Frix, she responded in emergency mode to that location at approximately 3:16 a.m.

“When I arrived, I spoke with Michele Chambers who stated that she and the cook, Dwight Maddox, were working when a black male came in and robbed them,” Frix said. “Michele advised that a black male with a pink bandanna, black sunglasses, blue gloves and a dark colored hoody (sic) came in pointing a gun at their faces.”

According to Chambers, the amount of cash available was limited.

“Michele said that she told the male subject that the cash drawer was locked, so he took the money that was on her,” Frix reported. “Michele stated that she had $116 plus her tip money of $40.”

Only one customer was in the restaurant at the time of the incident.

Chambers stated the suspect fled the restaurant on foot and proceeded towards the back.

“Officer (David) Porter checked the Kroger parking lot and located the subject,” Frix said.

Porter reported seeing a BMW leave the scene, and after dispatch advised the alleged armed robber fled on foot then possibly got into a vehicle matching the description of the BMW, the officer stopped the vehicle.

Upon the arrival of other officers, Porter made contact with the driver, identified as 19-year-old Teddrick Clark, of Griffin.

Officer Austin Hammond reported he remained at the trunk of the suspect vehicle with his firearm drawn as Porter spoke with the armed robbery suspect.

“Patrolman (Stephany) Allen arrived on scene at which point she and I went to the driver side to remove the subject from the vehicle,” Hammond stated. “I opened the door and advised the subject to step out. When the subject extended his left leg, I saw, laying in the floorboard against the seat, a black hand gun and pink bandanna which the suspect from the armed robbery was described as wearing. I grabbed the subject and escorted him to the ground.”

After the suspect was handcuffed and taken into custody, Hammond removed the weapon and bandanna from the vehicle.

“I attempted to clear the weapon, at which time I became aware that the handgun was an air pistol used for either pellets or BBs,” Hammond reported.

Further search of the vehicle turned up blue and gray work gloves matching the description of those used by the man accused of committing the Waffle House armed robbery.


  1. Well, what amazes me are the ones who use a “weapons” in commission of a crime and it turns out to be a BB gun or pellet gun. Ones I have looks so real. I also have plenty of the real ones. I’ve told my 25 yr. old he doesn’t even to need to play w/ others acting like the pellet/bb gun is the real deal. He could get himself killed along w/ others who might be caught in crossfire bc someone’s thinks it’s real.
    Do people not realize FAKE or not, anything used in a commission of a crime can carry the same weight/charges?!? Im dumbfounded and want to ask these kids, 19yr wanna be thug was it worth it??? 🤔 I hate to say but our society today he probably doesn’t even realize or care what he did and threw SOOO much away. So sad😥

    • Michele Chambers says:

      I am the lady that was involved in this robbery. Real gun or not it was an extremely traumatic experience. I think that it is so sad that this young man was so willing to throw away his whole life for a few hundred dollars at most. This boy was perfectly willing to make me believe that he was going to kill me because I made the register lock up and couldn’t get it open. It’s such as a sad society that we live in when people have no concern for others lives, and safety.

  2. Steven w Stroup says:

    This young man was very lucky or maybe smarter than some will think. He was lucky in the fact that the one customer didn’t try to stop him with a gun, or smart by not resisting arrest. From the officer statement the he sounds like the officer help the suspect to the ground rather that wrestle him to the ground.

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