Five Orrs Elementary students picked up after reporting feeling ill


Parents of five Orrs Elementary School students picked up their children today after they reported feeling ill and were checked out by personnel of Griffin Fire-Rescue.

According to Griffin-Spalding County School System Executive Director of Communications and Partnerships Department Judy Parker, the children complained of feeling unwell in the midst of the Monday afternoon storms.

“The power went out today and a little girl with asthma started wheezing. She must have gotten scared because it’s not that hot, but they called the aid cart to come to her,” Parker said. “All these fifth-graders, which is the oldest group, they all began to feel sick, so they called for a fire truck with EMTs (emergency medical technicians) on it to check them. Four kids got picked up by their parents. Now, I can’t guarantee you that they took them to the emergency room or not, but their blood pressure was high. I don’t know if they got scared because the power went out, or if the storms scared them. I don’t know that. We’re still trying to sort all that out.”

Although Parker is uncertain what actions these students’ parents took after picking up their children, she did confirm none were transported by ambulance for medical treatment from Orrs Elementary School.

UPDATE – According to an update received at 4:13 p.m. from Judy Parker, executive director of the GSCSS Communications and Partnerships Department, several students were transported to the hospital by ambulance.
“They took cover in the hallway due to the storm, and then lost power. Six fifth-graders had a panic attack. The nurse assessed all students, calmed them down and called parents,” Parker said. “One of these six had asthma and seemed to be having difficulty. One of the parents called EMT so they came and helped the nurse. Four students were transported to the hospital in the ambulance at their parents’ request.”

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