Griffin-Spalding teacher arrested on multiple sex charges

5.19.17 Brady L. Nickels for webSHEILA A. MATHEWS :::

A teacher with the Griffin-Spalding County School System has been arrested on a variety of sex-related charges.

According to a press release issued by the Griffin Police Department, the GPD, in conjunction with the Griffin-Spalding County School System, received information alleging inappropriate actions by a teacher with students.

Brandy L. Nickels, age 41, of Williamson, has been initially charged with one count each of child molestation, sodomy, enticing a child, statutory rape, sexual assault and sexual battery.

She is currently being held at the Spalding County Jail.

The Griffin-Spalding County school system cooperated fully with the Griffin Police Department investigation, which remains ongoing at this time. According to the lead Investigator, Dexter McCune the investigation is evolving and there is a possibility of future charges and or victims.

The Griffin Police Department request that anyone with information pertaining to this case please call the Criminal Investigation Division at 770.229.6452.

Spalding County School System Executive Director of Communications and Partnerships Department Judy Parker said the initial information was received earlier this week.

“We got information from an adult. I’m not sure how the adult got that information, but an adult gave us some information and we decided to follow up on it immediately,” Parker said.

School officials then initiated an internal investigation.

Nickels, who was a ninth grade teacher at Griffin High School, was placed on administrative leave and not allowed to return to the classroom while the internal investigation was conducted.

A report was subsequently made to the Griffin Police Department.

Parker said a cooperative arrangement between personnel of the school system and the police department was established to expedite the investigation.

Nickels was a ninth grade teacher at Griffin High School.

Parker said the 2016-2017 school term was her first teaching in the school system, but she has prior classroom experience in other Georgia school systems.

The GRIP has confirmed the alleged victim in this case is a student.

This is a sad event for our school district and the students and families involved. Our highest priority is the safety and welfare of our students. We are thankful that information was given to us that allowed a swift resolution to a bad situation,” said GSCSS Superintendent Jim Smith. “In truth, it takes a person who notices something that doesn’t seem right to bring that information and suspicion to someone who can act on it. We have to be a community that doesn’t turn a blind eye to situations that appear suspicious. That’s how we protect our children. Also, I want to thank the City of Griffin Police Department and Chief Mike Yates for their complete cooperation in the investigation.”


  1. Jodi Morris says:

    My child has Mrs Nickels this year for math. Earlier this week my child and another student were arguing in class. The other student my son was arguing with smacked my child in the face and punched him. Mrs Nickels sat and watched and did nothing. Mrs Nickels was not the one to break up the physical altercation another student did. Mrs Nickels told my son to go to another teachers class. I got a phone call from my son telling me to come to the school. The principal met with me. I took my child home thinking both students would be at home and out of class pending a investigation. I found out the student stayed in class all day. The next morning my son and I returned to the school to meet with the principal to determine the outcome of his investigation. The principal showed me one statement and it was from Mrs Nickels telling the story a whole different way. My son and I told the principal that this is not what happened. I argued with the principal. He told me that Mrs. Nickels was a teacher and he had no reason not to trust her. I told him something did not sound right. I told him that I was told that there was 2 male student in her class one being the student that my child was arguing with, that played keep away with her phone, they sat in Mrs Nickels desk each day and she had to find a seat in the back of the class. He said he didn’t believe that. He finally called the resource officer on me which I ended up being happy about because she finally asked my son what happened and took notes. She told me she would keep a eye open. So basically my son which is on A B honor roll was suspended for 3 days. I asked what would happen to the other student and the principal told me it none of my concern. I told him that I was concerned for my child’s safety at school. That the other student could put his hands on my child again and that Mrs. Nickels would lie and cover everything up a second time.. He just looked at me with little to no concern. So basically my son did his 3 days of suspension while the other student stayed in class. I had a feeling something was wrong but nothing like this. It makes me sick to find out she was molesting children. It just goes to show how screwed up things are.

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