Autopsy did not reveal cause of death in case of man’s body located Friday night


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab has conducted an autopsy on the body located in north Griffin Friday night, but that forensic examination did not reveal a cause of death.

According to Spalding County Coroner Sonny Foster, the autopsy revealed no trauma or evidence of foul play in the man’s death.

Foster said some test results are pending and results may not be available for some time.

“It may be 12 to 15 weeks. That’s standard time on toxicology and histology. Sometimes it’s earlier, but most of the time it’s later,” Foster said, adding that he anticipates the body will be returned this week to Spalding County. “He should be back probably tomorrow or the day after, as soon as they (the GBI Crime Lab) do the latent fingerprints,” Foster said.

Meanwhile, the Griffin Police Department investigation into the man’s death is ongoing.

Monday evening, GPD Chief Mike Yates said a positive identification has not been finalized, but did confirm a preliminary identification was made.

“ID has not been confirmed. We believe that this is likely the same person (Mr. Corley) but this determination is made only based upon a number of circumstantial factors, primarily a tattoo but we (GPD) are not certain of the identity,” Yates said. “We are waiting for a confirmation from GBI and hope for a finger print confirmation within the next 24 hours (sic all).”

Yates said he is unaware of any missing person report fitting the description of the body.

“None that I am aware of exist (sic),” Yates said.

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