Griffin Police Department now equipped with Narcan

GPD Narcan art for web

Sgt. Gene Mathews, left, and Sgt. Richard Phillips, right, are seen with Drew Miller, of Wynn’s Pharmacy. Miller utilized a grant to provide the Griffin Police Department with Narcan, a lifesaving drug that treats opioid overdoses.


The Griffin Police Department has announced receipt of Narcan, which officials describe as a “lifesaving drug.”

Narcan is used to help save the life of a victim of an opioid overdose.

Authorities say Narcan will only reverse the effects of a person having an opioid overdose.

The rescue kits that will be utilized by GPD personnel were received from the Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition.

In addition, the kits were received on a grant from Drew Miller of Wynn’s Pharmacy.

The Griffin Police Department will provide specific training on the drug and application before deployment on the streets.

The Griffin Police Department would like to thank Drew Miller of Wynn’s Pharmacy and the Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition for this life saving drug.

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