GPD: Gunfire, standoff ends without serious injury

Tim Peoples mug


The Griffin Police Department Special Response Team (SRT) on Sunday was activated in response to a standoff following multiple calls reporting shots fired.

According to a police report filed by GPD Officer Tyler Farrell, the incident occurred at 738 S. 9th St., after Spalding E911 reported receiving three calls referring to a man firing a shotgun in the street.

Farrell reported that upon his arrival, he spoke with Fredda Freeman, who reported hearing gunfire from her residence down the street.

“When Fredda walked near 738 S. 9th St., she saw a guy named Tim standing on his front porch of 738 S. 9th St., hold something long and black in his hands. Fredda asked neighbors that were standing by what he was holding and they could not see what it was exactly. Fredda stated Tim then went back into the house,” Farrell reported.

Farrell stated that during this time, a male opened the front door of the residence at 738 S. 9th St., and was asked to come out so officers could speak to him.

“Tim then closed the door at which point I ran to the rear of the house to make sure he did not run out the back door,” Farrell reported.

Farrell then spoke with two additional neighbors, Robert Jenkins and Maxine Freeman.

“Maxine stated, ‘We were trying to calm him down.’ I asked who was shooting and Maxine replied by saying, ‘Tim,’” the report read.

Farrell stated Freeman reported Tim – later identified as Timmy James Peoples – was firing a weapon in the air.

When asked if it was “an actual gun or a BB gun, Freeman allegedly stated, “It didn’t sound like no BB gun, sounded like a rifle.”

Farrell reported that Freeman answered affirmatively when asked if she had witnessed Peoples firing the weapon outside his residence.

“I asked if it was just in the middle of the street, in his yard, or what and Maxine stated he was standing on his porch,” Farrell reported.

This resulted in the activation of the SRT and a hostage negotiator.

According to a press release issued by the GPD, several attempts to make contact with the suspect were made using a public-address system, but all failed.

A “throw-phone” was also deployed into the residence to facilitate contact between Peoples and the police negotiator, but the suspect refused to comply with instructions and failed to respond to multiple attempts at resolution.

“After several hours of negotiation, to prevent harm to the suspect and bystanders, the decision was made to deploy C.N. and O.C.C.N. (tear gas and pepper gas) into the residence. The Special Response Team soon deployed the gas with others units standing by with additional less-lethal weapons. A few moments later the suspect came outside onto his front porch and essentially surrendered,” the press release stated.

Peoples was taken into custody without further incident, and treated and released by Emergency Medical Services.

Peoples has been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, discharge of a firearm near a roadway, reckless conduct and obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

“The Griffin Police Department also wishes to express gratitude to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Department and the Henry County Police Department for their assistance in bringing this dangerous situation to a close without injury or loss of life,” the release stated.


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