Local partnership funds improvements to Civil War Camps Stephens and Milner

8.17.17 CoC release

Pictured above from left to right are Director of Parks, Public Grounds and Public Works TJ Imburger, committee memember Bonnie Pfrogner, Tourism Committee Chairman Bill Thielemann; Leisure Services Manager Kelly Leger; Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce Interim Director Cindy Jones; and Park Maintenance Director Greg Stansell. Photo courtesy of the Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce


The Griffin-Spalding Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee partnered with Spalding Parks, Public Grounds and Leisure Services for improvements at Civil War Camp Stephens.
Improvements include directional signs and information kiosks. The Tourism Committee provided funds for materials with Parks, Grounds and Leisure Services providing the labor for the needed repairs.
Camp Stephens on McIntosh Road, along with Camp Milner at Municipal Park, were the two main mobilization areas for all Georgia soldiers. Camp Stephens was for infantry troops and Camp Milner was the cavalry camp. Fortifications were built at Camp Stephens to defend Griffin which served as a hospital center late in the War.
“This is part of a multi-faceted program to increase tourism in Griffin and Spalding County,” stated Bill Thielemann, Tourism Committee chairman.
It was one of the recommendations included in a report provided by the Georgia Department of Economic Development Tourism Division (GDEcD).
Tourism is already significant in Griffin and Spalding County, generating $87.3 million in direct tourist spending and contributing $2.4 million in local tax revenues according to information provided by GDEcD.
The Tourism Committee partners with the City, County, Historical Society, Arts Alliance and others to develop Griffin and Spalding County as a tourist destination.

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