Griffin Electric: Power expected to be fully-restored by Thursday


City of Griffin officials say progress is being made in efforts to restore electricity to those without power in the wake of Tropical Storm Irma.

As Tropical Storm Irma passed over Spalding County on Monday, many areas experienced extensive damage from falling trees and downed power lines.  As of 3 p.m. Tuesday, several roads were closed and many residents of the city and county were still without power.

According to a press release issued by the city of Griffin, Griffin Electric crews worked throughout the entire day and night Monday and resumed working early Tuesday morning to clear downed trees and debris and restore power.

Upon assessing the overall damage, it was decided to bring in 17 linemen and additional equipment from Alabama to assist with the efforts.

“We’re no stranger to sending lineman and resources to areas that have been hit by natural disasters,” said city of Griffin Electric Director Dan Thompson. “It’s good to know that when we need that same assistance, there are people out there who have our backs as well.”

Eleven of the linemen are coming from Opelika, Ala., and six are coming from Decatur, Ala. The eleven linemen from Opelika arrived Tuesday, with the others expected to arrive Wednesday.

Officials say they expect to have all power fully-restored by Thursday.

Widespread power outages also mean traffic signals may be out. If you find yourself approaching a traffic signal that is out, treat it as a four-way stop. Many roads still present dangers and everyone should exercise extreme caution while driving.

Authorities continue to suggest that citizens avoid travelling roadways over the next few days if possible.

The aftermath of the storm also left many yards with storm debris from falling trees and limbs.

“With the amount of damage and debris we experienced, it’s going to take some time to clear it all,” said Central Services Director Phill Francis. “Our service will resume on Wednesday but some road debris and closures might make it difficult to service everyone on each route. We’re going to be out there working diligently and if we have to bypass an area due to road closures, we’ll be sure to get there as soon as we can access that street.”

The Griffin was hit by a powerful tropical storm. Many of the men working to restore power are still without power themselves. We are asking everyone to be patient as we work to restore power to all areas as quickly and safely as possible, the press release stated.

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