Cowan Road Elementary School principal on administrative leave


The principal of Cowan Road Elementary School has been placed on administrative leave.

Griffin-Spalding County School System Executive Director of Communications and Partnerships Kimberly Green stated, “Griffin-Spalding County School System can confirm that the principal of Cowan Road Elementary School is on leave. This is a personnel matter.”

A number of parents have expressed concern after receiving an automated call late Friday afternoon. 

Asked why the information was released to parents so late in the day immediately prior to fall break, Green said, “Today was a professional learning day (no school for students). We wanted to be sure that parents received the message this evening while they are home.”

Green has not yet responded to the question of who parents should contact with questions or concerns.

The GRIP will follow this developing story and report updates as additional information becomes available. 


  1. When will we get more information? It’s been three weeks.

    • I’ve submitted an Open Records request on this, but was told the investigation remained ongoing. With the advertisement of that position, I’ve requested a status update and will report on this as soon as possible.

  2. Jessica Clyburn says:

    Oh ok. Thank you for sharing what you do know so far at least. I hope more information is disclosed soon.

  3. Jessica Clyburn says:

    I don’t think the concern of parents is the timing of the call at all, from what I’ve heard from multiple concerned parents is that everyone is wondering why she is on leave pending an investigation. What is she being investigated for exactly?

    • I was referring to comments that have been made to me. The school system hasn’t announced the basis of an investigation. The position is that it’s a personnel matter.

  4. Jessica Clyburn says:

    If this was a personal leave then why did the automated call specifically say that she was on leave “pending an investigation”. That does not sound anything like going on leave for personal reasons. They specifically her return was dependant on the results of a pending investigation, I have the message saved on my phone.

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